i don't interact with certain types of users, however i don't have a strict dni. just don't be a weirdo, creep, or problematic individual overall. also note that i make kys/die jokes and reclaim slurs (however i don't use them often)

hi! you can call me fanta or hani. i use she/they prns. my friends may call me something else, but i prefer if you just refer to me as either of those :3 im 15 entp 8w7 chol-san ♡ © girlscoded
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i love aespa, twice, le sserafim, svt, stray kids, monsta x, zb1, txt, bol4, iu, bibi, chung ha, gidle, ive, nmixx, lamp, ichiko aoba, rokudenashi, etc. :3 feel free to send me music reqs, im always open to trying new genres!


cats, animanga, honkai, digital art, makeup, fashion, coffee flavoured things, horror games, the colour green, etc.

dont send friend requests or dms for no reason, usually i will just ignore them ^^; i make a lot of jokes and tease people without ill intent. if u get uncomfy, just let me know and i'll stop! also, i don't support hyv but i do play their games. same with my fav idols/groups, i don't condone nor tolerate their problematic actions.